We’re a volunteer group of local residents, aiming to make Roath’s streets more people-friendly by improving our outdoor spaces, facilitating active travel (walking, cycling, scooting, etc.) and reducing unnecessary motor traffic.

We all deserve to get the most out of our neighbourhood, regardless of age or physical ability, but obstacles such as cluttered and uneven pavements, inadequate crossings, illegal parking and excess traffic too often get in the way. Our group will work with the community and Cardiff Council to overcome these problems and reclaim shared spaces that we can all enjoy. Here are some of our aims:

  • It should be easier to make local trips on foot or by bike. We’ll work to introduce quieter, safer routes throughout Roath for those who choose to walk and cycle.
  • We want to ensure that Roath has reliable active travel connections to the South Wales Metro network when it's installed in the next few years.
  • Through-traffic is a constant hazard in many of our residential streets. We want to install modal filters to prevent rat-running and create a much safer and quieter environment for residents.
  • We'll work with traders, shoppers and residents to help create more welcoming shared spaces on our local high streets, including better footways and more accessible crossings.
  • We want to add greenery to residential streets. This will help improve air quality, aid rainwater drainage and create a more pleasant environment for all.

We’re a community group, and we really want your input. If you support these changes or have suggestions of your own, please get in touch. Together, we can make Roath an even better place to be.