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We want to make walking and cycling easy and enjoyable by making roads safer, easier to cross, less noisy and less busy. We want to get people walking and cycling whenever possible, securing the health benefits of active exercise and reduced pollution from fewer cars. For us it is not just about reducing the number of accidents on our roads, it is about quality of life.

We want Lewes to be a beautiful pedestrian and bicycle friendly town, where streets are shared and cars do not dominate. There is much work to be done to achieve our vision.

If you support this vision, come and join us.

  • We campaigned for and secured 20 mph schemes throughout much of the town.
  • We continue to campaign to get drivers to stick to the speed limits and report vehicles to the Police through Lewes Community Speed Watch).
  • We support new pedestrian crossings at key sites (e.g. across Offham Road, with the first across from Prince Edwards Road planned to be installed by end of March 2018).
  • We campaign against pavement parking and excessive pavement clutter such as “A” boards.
  • In 2019 we commissioned John Dales of Urban Movement to look at how Lewes can be improved. See report here.
group of people holding up 20 mile an hour zone placards

We are working with Cycle Lewes on a project to encourage more people onto Lewes High Street by reducing and slowing the traffic and providing more space and facilities for pedestrians. You can read our document which sets out our project with Cycle Lewes to make Lewes a low traffic town here

Read our presentation to Lewes Town Council Transport Committee on options for creating a sustainable and green Lewes High Street by deterring through traffic. This includes a proposal for a toll camera on Phoenix Causeway into Lewes

Together, and with funding from Lewes Town Council, we commissioned a survey of visitors and businesses  and  a camera survey to calculate the volume of through-traffic on Lewes high street.

See our progress report on the project, a summary of the visitors and business survey, and the through-traffic survey.