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Bromley Living Streets is a group of residents in the London Borough of Bromley, campaigning for safer, quieter, low-traffic neighbourhoods which encourage walking and cycling.


By getting more people walking and cycling, we can reduce the number of car journeys, reduce air pollution, create healthier communities and attract business and investment into our high streets.


At present, Bromley Living Streets has members in six wards in the London Borough of Bromley. Since our first meeting, we have taken our agenda forward through a number of local campaigns in the wards we live in, as well as by working together to engage with Borough-wide organisations and initiatives.

We don't want to reinvent the wheel, and we recognise that other local people, organisations and bodies are already doing things that are moving Bromley neighbourhoods and communities in the direction we want to travel. In the coming months we will be prioritising making contact with these other groups and identifying effective ways for Bromley Living Streets to complement the work they are already doing.

A group of young people walking down a set of stairs