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Wandsworth Living Streets are a friendly group of local people from all parts of our borough who campaign to achieve safer, more attractive and more vibrant streets for pedestrians.


We work with residents who get in touch with us when they encounter things that need changing on their streets in order to make them better places for people on foot.


We organise public meetings where speakers talk about all sorts of topics of importance to pedestrians. And we have a Newsletter giving information about developments affecting everyone when on foot in the borough. To go on our email list, please contact us below.

We campaign on many different issues, including introducing 20 mph speed limits on all streets where people live, shop and work; practical steps to improve air quality; pedestrian-friendly town centres and local shopping streets; new street crossings where they are needed. For details, take a look at our website.

Just so you know, below you're contacting a local volunteer, not the national charity.

A pedestrian crossing in Wandsworth