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Southwark Living Streets campaigns to achieve a safe, attractive and accessible walking and wheeling environment in the London Borough of Southwark.



We are a group of volunteers with extensive experience of campaigning. We work with other groups focusing on active travel, reducing road danger and road safety, as well as Southwark Council and local Councillors, to raise awareness of barriers to walking and to make positive change. We work under the umbrella of the national charity Living Streets.

Southwark Living Streets Group has campaigned extensively to introduce Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in the area. These can make it safer for residents to walk and cycling for short journeys and reduce air pollution. In this blog post, Jeremy Leach from Southwark Living Streets Group explains how LTNs have brought benefits to his neighbourhood of Walworth, an area of London with a large amount of social housing.


We very much welcome new members. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about what we do, need support for a campaign or action, or would like to join us.

A little girl playing in a Low Traffic Neighbourhood