Our Local Groups create change one street, community, town and city at a time.

Something exciting is happening in communities up and down the country. People are getting together to reclaim their streets and neighbourhoods and improve them for walking. 

The time has come for us to create more liveable, healthier streets across the UK and to demand for practical and effective actions that make that happen.

Join a Local Group or with our help set one up. 

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Starting a Local Group is an important way to tackle issues in your community. We can help you each step of the way.

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Love Lane Play Street Croydon

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From one to 150: building a community for wal…

Cat from Haringey Living Streets talks about the realities of setting up a local branch.

Change is Here

Our Croydon Local Group asks: how do we collaborate effectively for safer and healthier streets for all?

Edinburgh Living Streets Group launches 'Cut…

Edinburgh Living Streets Group has launched a new video and report on the impact of pavement clutter, outlining targeted investment and a mo…




Crossings campaigning in London

How London Living Streets Group collaborated with TfL to look into the power of reducing crossing wait times.

Improving Bristol for walking

How our Bristol group gets people to look around their neighbourhoods to improve local walking routes.

From Space To Place

The Causey, a neglected historic street in Edinburgh, is showing how a community can lead the way for street redesign transforming a disused…

How play brought a street to life

Amy from Croydon Living Streets Group tells us about the play street event they will be holding on Tuesday, 21 May to celebrate Happy Shoesd…

Parents leading the way

How one parent took to the streets to not only walk their child to school but improve school routes for everyone.

We work with organisations, public sector bodies and companies to improve streets for walking. 

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