Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport Lee Waters has today (4 July 2019) announced that Welsh Ministers are investigating ways to clamp down on pavement parking.

Speaking at the Active Travel conference in Cardiff, Mr Waters said it was "not about penalising car users, but redressing the balance of power in our urban environment".

Living Streets Cymru, part of the UK charity for everyday walking has been campaigning for a pavement parking ban in Wales. 

Pavement parking

Their most recent research (April 2019) found that over a quarter (27%) of over 65s in Wales are prevented from walking on their local streets because of blocked pavements.

Pavement parking is banned in London, and the Scottish Parliament recently agreed in principle that a new law to ban it be passed in Scotland. Living Streets Cymru is calling for a default ban in Wales, with the ability to allow pavement parking on specially designated streets - making it the exception rather than the rule.

Rhiannon Hardiman, Manager, Living Streets Cymru comments:

“If we all viewed our streets through the lens of an older person, a wheelchair user or someone living with sight loss, we would quickly understand how dangerous pavement parking is – forcing them into the road and oncoming traffic. 

“Having well-maintained and clear pavements would encourage people of all ages to walk more and help tackle these big issues. 

“This is a positive announcement from the Welsh Government and we look forward to engaging with the task force in the months to come to bring an end to dangerous and inconsiderate parking across Wales.”

Living Streets wants England to follow in Scotland and Wales footsteps, and make a strong commitment to banning pavement parking. 


If we want towns and cities to be walkable, we need well-maintained pavements that are free from obstruction.

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