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The 20mph limit is working - we need the Welsh Government not to back out now

Stephen Edwards, Chief Executive, Living Streets, said: 

“Living Streets Cymru is hugely disappointed that the Welsh Government has indicated there will be changes to the 20mph default speed limit which came into effect in 2023, which could mean a backward step for safer streets in Wales. We’re calling on the Welsh Government not to back out of a policy which is already supporting the health and safety of Welsh communities. 

“The 20mph speed limit is working – data published in February shows an average 4mph drop since the default limit started and 97% of drivers are complying with the new speed limit.  

“When a person is hit at 30mph, they are around five times more likely to be killed than if they were hit at 20mph. The Transport Secretary has indicated that 20mph limits will still be enforced where children are at risk, but our young people deserve safe streets everywhere, including on the streets where they live – not just around schools and nurseries.  

“The Welsh Government’s own survey showed that the vast majority of adults in Wales support a 20mph speed limit in their own neighbourhoods. So it’s upsetting to see that the Welsh Government wants to back down on the policy, which we know will save lives. 

“Cutting speeding traffic also makes people more likely to walk or cycle short distances rather than driving, which is better for their health and the environment.” 

20mph sign

About the author

Kathryn Shaw

Head of Communications and Marketing, Living Streets / [email protected]