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We want to create a walking nation, free from congested roads and pollution, reducing the risk of preventable illness and social isolation and making walking the natural choice. 


Thanks to the Active Travel (Wales) Act, every Local Authority in Wales must draw up plans for a network of walking and cycling routes called Integrated Network Maps.

These routes should connect homes to places like schools, workplaces, shops, services, parks and leisure facilities. 

This is good news.  

We want communities to be connected to each other so there is better cohesion, making short local journeys easier on foot than by car.

We want to make sure that walking routes are fit for purpose and suitable for everyone to enjoy. 

Make sure that you and your community have a voice in local planning for everyday walking. One way that we can help with this is by supporting you to set up a local campaign group and use your knowledge and experience about walking in the area you live, work, shop and study to make sure routes are right for your area.

pavement parking

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It is great news that the Welsh Government is investigating ways to clamp down on pavement parking in Wales.

And Living Streets Cymru is on the task force.


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Yr Awyr Agored

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Our Anglesey walking project, in partnership with Oriel Môn and supported by The National Lottery Fund, celebrates Kyffin Williams' evocative landscapes.


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Walk to school

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Pupils in Wales can benefit from getting active on the school run with WOW – our year-round walk to school challenge – in Welsh and English.

A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s less than half.  

We want to reverse this decline. We want children to be energised and empowered, and to make walking to school their natural choice.  

We are proud to offer the tools we provide for teachers and parents across the UK fully bilingually.


Download our bilingual WOW leaflet

Safer speed limits



We want to see speed limits of 20mph in places where people work, play, shop and study.  

The Welsh Government has devolved powers to implement a default speed of 20mph in residential areas reducing it from the current default 30mph. 

Living Streets Cymru is a member organisation of the Wales 20mph Task Force Group set up by Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport Lee Waters in July 2019 and its final report recommends a default 20mph speed limit for restricted roads in Wales with a target date of April 2023.

If legislation is passed, Wales will become the first country in the world to reduce the default speed limit for urban areas to 20mph.

Living Streets Cymru looks forward to working with Welsh Government to support this legislation and make our streets and pavements safe and accessible for everyone.

20mph: our policy

Wales could be first nation to introduce 20mph speed limits

Walking Friends

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We’ve teamed up with Sport Wales to start Walking Friends Wales (Cyfeillion Cerdded Cymru), a three-year project to help people over 50 to increase their walking activity.

The project will help older adults start walking in their communities, make new connections and voice the need for changes to their local walking environment.

Walking Friends Wales

Senedd elections



Public health. Air pollution Climate change. Transport. These are all big issues in the 2021 Senedd Cymru elections.

Download our manifesto and find out why we're asking politicians to invest in making walking safer, commit to improving air quality and make it easier for families to walk to school and work.

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Senedd Cymru Elections 2021


For any media enquiries, please contact the Living Streets press team on 020 7456 9790 , or out of office hours, 07545 209865. Alternatively you can email

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Wales could be first nation to introduce 20mph speed limits


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Work with us

We’re creating a walking nation. We’ve got the know-how to make it happen but we can’t do it alone. Together with our partners and funders we can make extraordinary things happen.


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We want to encourage everyone in Wales to walk more and enjoy the benefits that walking brings.  In Wales we aim to promote our projects and services bilingually, we have started to do this by producing a number of our promotional booklets in both English and Welsh.  Please enjoy reading about our work to Get Wales Walking in the language of your choice.


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