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Launching a successful WOW challenge!

On this page you will find everything you need to launch WOW during COVID-19 and beyond:

  1. Video guides and engagement content
  2. Running WOW at the time of COVID-19 FAQs
  3. Downloadable launch materials
  4. Walk to school shareables

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1. Video guides and engagement content





Watch this fun and quick video to help explain to your teachers, school staff, and pupils how WOW works, why walking is important and how to run WOW safely during COVID-19.


WOW travel tracker video tutorials

By clicking the black button below you will access a selection of useful how-to video tutorials on the WOW Travel Tracker for English and Welsh schools.

Travel Tracker tutorials - England and Wales


WOW travel tracker video tutorials

By clicking the black button below you will access a selection of useful how-to video tutorials on the WOW Travel Tracker for Scottish schools.

Travel Tracker tutorials - Scotland



Watch this video with your pupils as a fun and interactive way to discover the importance of walking and the impact it can have on our health, wellbeing, and the environment.





Share this video with teachers and parents to help explain what wow is and why your school is taking part. Note, this video was filmed in a pre-covid world. For specific tips and guidance on running WOW during COVID-19, please watch our launch video at the top of the page or read our WOW FAQs below.

2. FAQs - Running WOW during COVID-19

Using the WOW Travel Tracker

What is the safest way to use the WOW Travel Tracker?

Teachers and school staff themselves are the best people to decide how to use the WOW Travel Tracker during this time, as they know the schools' needs and protocols better than anyone else.

However, we have some useful recommendations to eliminate the risk of physical contact when recording journeys on Travel Tracker. We recommend for one person (staff member or WOW monitor) to batch record the entire class' journeys each day. This eliminates the risk of all pupils having to touch the same whiteboard/screen and/or coming into close contact when doing so. Batch recording not only makes the recording process safer, but also quicker and more efficient.

How do you batch record journeys on the Travel Tracker?

This can be done by the class teacher, staff member, or WOW monitor. Simply log in to your classroom account and select your class. You will see that the "batch entry" tab opens by default. Select a mode of transport from the top panel, and ask all pupils who have travelled by that mode of transport to raise their hands. Then, click on all the pupils who travelled using this option. Repeat for all relevant transport modes. Note that Travel Tracker will automatically save this data, but it can be altered later in the day if someone has arrived late to school or missed your Travel Tracker recording slot. More detailed guidance on Travel Tracker use can be found in the above video section of this page.


Badges, WOW theme and orders dispatch

What is the safest way to hand out badges?

As per the use of the Travel Tracker, we believe the best process to hand out badges should be decided by the teachers/WOW monitors themselves. Nonetheless, here is our recommendation; at the end of each month, find the list of pupils who have earned a badge, break open a bag of badges onto a desk and call pupils one by one to come and collect their reward. By doing so you eliminate the need for touching each badge when handing them out.


What impact will the deferral of badges from summer 2020 have on the new year's theme and number of designs?

The 2020-21 academic year now features two WOW themes:

  • Inventions that Changed the World, running September - December 2020
  • Wonders of the World, running January - July 2021

Sadly this means there are only seven winning Wonders of the World badge designs, although we will be introducing additional runners-up prizes in recognition of this. Take a look at this year's winners here.

The dispatch of WOW resources for the spring term (January start) will occur over two stages:

1. December 2020 dispatch of resources that are essential for the launch/continuation of WOW at the start of January 2021, consisting of WOW Welcome Packs for new schools, Spring Wallcharts where used, and any WOW banners. These resources are scheduled to be picked, packed and dispatched w/c 07/12/2020, and are expected to arrive at schools by 15/12/2020 at the latest.

Only schools expecting any of the above highlighted resources will receive a December delivery.


2. January 2021 dispatch of other items ordered, most notably Spring WOW Badges. These resources are scheduled to be picked, packed and dispatched w/c 18/01/2021, and are expected to arrive at schools by 26/01/2021 at the latest. All schools will receive a January delivery.

the journey to school

Can we still walk to school during these times?

The walk to school is the most accessible way to reduce congestion and pollution outside the school gates, while increasing the safety and improving physical and mental wellbeing of pupils. Now that we are taking steps out of the COVID 19 lockdown and looking to the future, walking to school and its countless benefits have become more important than ever. Walking to school is a safe travel option, as long as physical distancing measures are followed.


If pupils can't walk the whole way to school, how can they take part in WOW?

We encourage families who live far away from school to plan ahead their journeys and consider parking their car 10 minutes away from school, or hopping off the bus early, and walking the rest of the way. This option allows for more pupils to join in with a chance to earn a badge, but it also reduces traffic and pollution outside the school gates, making drop-off time safer and more enjoyable for all. Pupils who qualify for school transport will be advised on local arrangements for this by their school. They can participate in WOW by choosing 'Hop off' (England only), 'Other' or 'Park and Stride'.

Can we still Park and Stride to school during these times?

Yes, families can still take part in Park and Stride if they can't travel actively all the way to school. We recommend families stay alert and follow physical distancing guidance if parking their car in a crowded place - e.g. public car park, or busy road. When physical distancing is not possible, the current government advice is to wear a face covering. Guidance on face covering varies across the country; please check you local guidance for specific details.

How can our school go the extra mile to promote walking and cycling, while creating space for physical distancing?

There are many things your school can do to encourage the whole school community to travel actively. We have family resources for walking to school, toolkits on School Streets, and lots of useful guidance. Please take a look at this blog post for more.

3. downloadable launch materials

Walk to school leaflet



Sustainability of WOW



WOW launch guide



Park and Stride Guide



park and stride letter for parents/carers



Template letters to help you set up a Park and Stride scheme
(Word document)





WOW Press release 



Let the local media know you're a WOW school
(Word file)


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WOW Lesson Plans

As a WOW schools, you get exclusive access to three full lesson plans for 20/21. Launching one per term, all lessons are suitable for a 60-minute class, are linked to the curriculum, and include pupils' worksheets as well as at home extensions.




Autumn term 2020
learning resource autumn

KS1/P1-3 Lesson plan

Autumn term 2020
autumn lesson plan

KS2/P4-7 Lesson Plan

4. Social media shareables

Download any of the social media shareables below and shout about your walking journeys with WOW. Don't forget to tag @LivingStreets and hashtag #WalkToSchool