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For any media enquiries, please contact the Living Streets press team on 020 7456 9790 or out of office hours, 07545 209 865.

Alternatively you can email: kathryn.shaw@livingstreets.org.uk 

Students: we get lots of requests from students for interviews. We try our best to accommodate these but during busy campaigning periods we don't always have the capacity to be able to do so. We apologise for these occasions and hope you understand that the work of the charity needs to be prioritised. If you have a request, please email commsteam@livingstreets.org.uk with as much notice as possible.

Latest Press Releases


Living Streets response to proposals for a Major Road Network

The Major Road Network should not constitute ‘a bypass’ fund.


Reducing all traffic is the best way to protect people's health


The Government needs to step up and provide clear messaging and leadership on charging Clean Air Zones


Majority support Oxford Street transformation


64% support pedestrianisation of Oxford Street, plus over 7,000 people who responded as part of Living Streets…


Government widens the scope of safety review to include walking


Govt publishes safety review alongside a DfT-commissioned report recommending a new offence to tackle dangerou…


Living Streets response to the Draft London Plan


Creating healthy streets for people and not cars should be a priority for our cities


London Mayor's Transport Strategy - our comment


Projections won't happen without the reallocation of road space from vehicles to people walking and cycling.


West Midlands Mayor takes to the streets with local pupils

Andy Street joins local pupils to celebrate the strides they’ve made to get healthier by walking to school


Welsh children heading towards health crisis

Data on active travel released by the Welsh Government today reveals a severe drop in walking rates.


Improving walking for workers in Stoke

Through a project run by everyday walking charity, Living Streets, two local companies in Stoke worked togethe…