Holyrood's rural economy committee has refused to back a bill seeking to make 20mph the standard speed limit on residential streets in Scotland. 

Living Streets Scotland campaigned with Mark Ruskell MSP who put forward the legislation.

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland comments:  

“It’s deeply disappointing that a piecemeal approach to 20mph limits in Scotland will continue. People in Edinburgh and Glasgow currently benefit from safer streets, whilst smaller communities in many council areas are ignored. 

“Slower speeds save lives. Very few people die in streets that are 20mph, whilst most pedestrian casualties occur in urban 30mph areas. It’s appalling this measure hasn’t been properly considered or supported.  

“The status quo isn’t an option. Councils need much better procedures and funding to rollout more 20mph limits where they are needed. The onus is now on politicians who have rejected a national approach to make local action much more practical.”