The Scottish Government has today announced an extra £40m funding for walking and cycling (5 September 2017).

In ‘A Nation With Ambition: The Government's Programme for Scotland 2017-18’ , they pledge to ‘build an Active Nation, boosting investment in walking and cycling and putting active travel at the heart of our transport planning.

Actions include making towns and cities friendlier and safer spaces for pedestrians and cyclists by increasing investment that supports active travel from £40 million to £80 million per year from 2018-19.’

Edinburgh image

Stuart Hay, Director of Living Streets Scotland, said

“Scotland’s towns and cities can be transformed by this revolutionary level of funding. By improving our streets and creating new pedestrian areas and cycle routes, we can make cycling and walking the norm.

“This isn’t just an investment in transport but in the health of the nation as people are encouraged to get more active and harmful emissions from traffic are reduced.

“Living Streets looks forward to working with our partners to ensure this investment delivers benefits at a local level. With the announcement, the Scottish Government has set the bar for investment for the rest of the UK.”