A High Court judge has today (26 July 2021) ruled that the Transport Secretary did not break the law when approving the £27.4bn Road Investment Strategy (RIS2). 

Mr Justice Holgate dismissed Transport Action Network's (TAN) application for a judicial review on environmental grounds saying that approval of RIS2 was in line with legal obligations.  

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Stephen Edwards, Interim CEO, Living Streets comments:

“Earlier this month, the government published plans to decarbonise transport, the biggest source of greenhouse gases in the UK. Plans of how to reduce vehicle use need to be part of this.

“All new road-building projects in Wales have been frozen to reduce carbon emissions. As part of the plans, the Welsh government wants to shift money from new roads to investing in public transport. We need to be following their lead.

“Walking is the cheapest, greenest, healthiest transport there is. It’s the best way to reduce congestion, tackle air pollution and get to Net Zero by 2050 or before. But it needs investment. We should be funding better walking routes and improving public transport if we’re to make it possible for people to leave the car at home for short, everyday journeys.”

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