Today, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced the testing of new technologies - to create greener, easier and smarter travel options.

Stephen Edwards, Director of Policy and Communications comments: “Journeys which are easier, smarter and greener are the way forward. Yet it’s clear to us that its walking and cycling local, everyday journeys which will really create a legacy for getting around in a more sustainable and healthy way. It is positive that the government recognises that walking, cycling and active travel must remain the best options for short urban journeys. This will require increased investment by government in the upcoming Spending Review.

“Any new technology which is tested, or rolled out, must support a modal shift to walking and cycling and absolutely not further hinder those who choose to opt for these modes. We wait to see what these new technologies bring and hope they will support walking and cycling. But if they don’t directly, they must not take up pavement space or make walking and cycling less attractive modes of transport.”

Walking up, emissions down