New statistics released today (24 May 2018) show that the number of children walking to school in Scotland continues to decline. 42 per cent of children usually walk to school now, compared to 48 per cent just ten years ago.


Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland comments:

“This decline is the result of a lot of local factors, including school mergers creating larger catchment areas and parents being concerned about safety around the school gates. However, it’s a decline which can – and should – be reversed.

“Schools in the 22 Scottish local authorities taking part in WOW - our year-round walk to school challenge are seeing significant increases in the number of children walking to school.

“All local authorities need to be investing in projects which promote the benefits of walking, as well as better infrastructure around schools in terms of crossings, speed limits and well-maintained footways, so that more families can enjoy the benefits of walking to school.

“This week is Walk to School Week (21 – 25 May), there’s no better time for local authorities and schools to start working together to make it possible for families to choose active travel.”