King’s College London’s latest study (published 25 November 2019) reveals that living within just 50 metres of a busy road can increase the risk of lung cancer by 10 per cent and stunt lung growth in children by up to 14 per cent.


Lung cancer infographic

Tanya Braun, Head of Policy and Communications, Living Streets comments: 

"The next UK Government needs to increase the number of children walking to school to clean up our air and protect children’s long-term health. 

"With a quarter of cars on our roads at peak times being on the school run, enabling more children to walk to school is a sure-fire way to reduce vehicle dominance and clean up our air.  

"Just over half of children currently walk to school. General election candidates need to commit to increasing this as a priority.

"Creating safer walking routes, closing school streets to traffic and encouraging families to walk to school would not only have an incredibly positive impact on the air our children breathe but it would tackle high levels of inactivity, the climate change crisis and unacceptable road danger all at the same time."

With a general election due on 12 December, we are calling on all political parties to prioritise safer streets in "A Manifesto for Walking".