Chris Boardman, Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner, has unveiled an innovative new plan to create a city-region-wide cycling and walking network made up of more than 1,000 miles of routes plus 1,400 safer road crossings and 25 ‘filtered neighbourhoods’, where priority will be given to the movement of people and where more public spaces to sit, play and socialise will be created.

The ‘Beelines’ network will be the largest joined-up system of walking and cycling routes in the UK and has been developed with all 10 Greater Manchester local authorities.

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive, Living Streets comments:

“Living Streets is excited to see this next stage in Chris Boardman’s ambitious plans to make Greater Manchester a great place for people. Alongside building an extensive cycle network, there is plenty to celebrate for those on foot in the plans, including improved crossings of busier routes and zebra crossings at side roads -  giving people priority to cross safely and easily.

“The development of ‘filtered neighbourhoods’ will help to ensure that walking is the natural choice for short journeys, such as the journey to school.

“Key to the success of this huge infrastructure investment will be engaging local people to ensure they can get involved and get walking in these new and improved streets and places.”

To find out more, visit the Beelines pages on the TfGM website at

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