Dame Sarah Storey, the most successful female British Paralympian of all time has been announced as Active Travel Commissioner for Sheffield City Region (Monday 1 April 2019).

It follows in the footsteps of other regions to have appointed active travel leads: London, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands.

Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis said the “fantastic” work being done by Chris Boardman in Greater Manchester inspired him to appoint an Active Travel Commissioner to get more people walking and cycling.

Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking recommends appointing someone at a senior level to champion walking in its ‘Blueprint for Change’ – a guide for improving towns and cities for walking.

Dame Sarah Storey

Jenny Wiles, Regional Director (North), Living Streets said:

“In appointing Dame Sarah Storey as a champion for walking and cycling, the Mayor has demonstrated his commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in the region.

“More people walking and cycling tackles many of our public health crises, including lethal air pollution and costly levels of physical inactivity. If we want to help people be more active, then we need to ensure walking and cycling options are safe, accessible and promoted which having someone in post dedicated to active travel can help to do. 

“With National Walking Month taking place in May, it couldn’t be a better time to welcome Dame Sarah Storey to her new role. We look forward to working with her as she inspires people of all generations and abilities to move more.”  

When we talk about walking, we're also talking about walking if you're a wheelchair user or a mobility scooter user. Walking is about being out in the fresh air and being able to utilise a less stressful way of getting around

Dame Sarah Storey, Cycling and Walking Ambassador for Sheffield City Region