The Times has today (9 May 2019) launched its ‘Clean Air For All’ campaign calling for a Clean Air Act giving everyone the right to cleaner air. Within its manifesto is a call for temporary traffic bans outside schools at drop-off and pick-up times.    

Last year, Living Streets delivered its Swap the school run for a school walk’ report to the Transport Minister asking for urgent action to be taken to improve the walk to school, including a call for cars to be banned from the school gates.    

Since then, several local authorities have started trialling School Streets’. For Walk to School Week this year (20-24 May), the charity will launch its School Streets toolkit, to help parents take action to close their school’s street to traffic.    

Walk to school

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive, Living Streets comments:    

“A quarter of cars on our roads at peak times are on the school run. Closing school streets to traffic and encouraging families to walk to school would have an incredibly positive impact on the air our children breathe.   

“It’s a misconception that children are protected from dirty air inside the car, and clear that the benefits of moving more outweigh the air pollution risk. In walking to school we become part of the solution to our air pollution problem.    

“Thousands of children across the UK will take to their feet this month for national Walk to School Week. With 2.6 million children going to schools in areas where air pollution exceeds World Health Organisation limits, I’d urge more families to join us and more local authorities to make it possible for them to do so.