National charity calls for Scotland residents to have their say on footway parking as Scottish Government opens consultation today (Friday 31 March). Living Streets Scotland is urging people to have their say before the Improving Parking in Scotland consultation from Transport Scotland ends on 30 June.

Parking on footways and dropped kerbs creates an issue for all people trying to use the pavement but is especially dangerous for those with mobility issues, parents with pushchairs and older people – forcing them into the road and into the path of oncoming traffic.

A complete ban would make streets more accessible to all, ensure illegal footway parking could be easily enforced and only allow footway parking in areas where it has been defined necessary.

The consultation comes as the next step in getting a complete ban across Scotland after Holyrood were given devolved powers from Westminster in 2016.    

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland said: 

“Parking on the footways and drop kerbs creates a hazardous environment for people using our streets and prevents people from being active. Effective and clear laws on footway and drop kerb parking will help people to walk more, especially the less confident and able.

”Tackling the scourge of double parking is needed immediately to reduce congestion and ensure safe access for emergency services. A more robust and consistent approach will result in safer and more pleasant streets. “

Living Streets Scotland has set up an online action for those is support of banning footway parking to join. This can be found on the Living Streets website:  

Stuart Hay continues: 

“The consultation will only be open for a few weeks, so we only have a short time to make our voice heard.” 

Have your say in the Living Streets action.