News reports today suggest motorists could be fined up to £70 if they park on the pavement under government plans to clear up the roadside.

The DfT has said it’s considering new laws to prevent vehicles blocking paths and causing difficulties for wheelchair users, people with pushchairs and blind pedestrians.

In 2015 Simon Hoare MP tabled a Private Members’ Bill to extend the law to bring the rest of England and Wales in line with London. The Bill was withdrawn in December 2015 when the Government promised to review current legislation and assess the implications of changing it.

It’s been over 800 days since the Government promised to investigate a new law to combat pavement parking.

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive, Living Streets said:

“Pavements are for people not vehicles. Parking on the pavement can be selfish and dangerous, forcing people - especially those with disabilities, visual impairments or pushchairs – to risk danger by walking in the road.

"We’re regularly contacted by disabled and older people who are effectively trapped in their homes because there isn’t enough room on the pavement for wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

“There should be a default ban, with pavement parking only allowed in certain circumstances on streets that have been specially designated to allow it, making it the exception rather than the rule.

“Pavement parking has been illegal in London since 1974. It is high time people in the rest of the country had the same protection.”