The second phase of the £2.2m 20mph speed limit project in Edinburgh comes into effect today (28 February 2017). 

Motorists face £100 fines and three penalty points if they are caught over the 20mph limit. The roll-out will be complete by 2018 and is designed to improve safety and encourage people to walk or cycle. 

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland, says: 

"The further roll-out of 20mph to more streets in Edinburgh is another big step towards making residential and shopping streets safer and more pleasant for walking. 

“It may take time for people to become aware of the new speeds limits and so enforcement as well as publicity will be needed. We particularly want to see a focus on council-owned vehicles, including buses, taxis and waste vehicles, setting a good example which will also help regulate the speed of other traffic. 

"Today marks an important milestone as almost all city centre streets will be 20mph, this is a great achievement. The 20mph scheme must be part of a wider package of measures to make streets easier to walk. Further work may be needed on some streets to bring speeds down and make people feel truly safe."