Walking Works is our programme for embedding the culture of walking into workplaces. 

The programme starts with a consultation to find out the unique needs of your organisation and from there, our expert staff advise on a range of suitable initiatives and associated costs, to increase walking rates amongst your staff. 

We have years of experience working with workplaces to increase walking amongst employees.

Whether you’re a business large or small, based in an urban or rural location, we have the tools you’ll need to introduce more activity into your business.

The programme has been re-developed so it's appropriate to run safely and effectively during the pandemic.

Walking Works

The Walking Works package consists of various activities

Pie chart of activities

Walking Works includes a range of activities, which are all aimed to provide opportunities and nudge people to incorporate walking into their daily routines at work.

  • Walking Plan and Policy Guidance: Usually at the onset of the initiative, one of our experts will come in to hold a session with the responsible coordinator from your organisation to discuss needs and objectives.
  • In-depth survey: determining which activities we’ll run in your workplace, depending on your business unique characteristics.
  • Walking maps and Walk Champion Training: providing walking guidance within your organisation for everyone, through route suggestions and in-house "walk ambassadors" 
  • Workplace Street Audit: getting to the heart of the walking environment around your business location, assessing barriers, risks and opportunities.
  • Pledge events, walk advisor and led walks: different activities aimed at getting employees experiencing the benefits walking brings, and motivating them to incorporate more physical activity into their work routines.



Recommended time of weekly physical activity for adults aged 19-64.

Source: NHS physical activity guidelines, 2018


Percentage of UK adults with fewer than 30 minutes physical activity a week.

Source: NHS Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet, 2017

The benefits of Walking Works

Boost morale and job satisfaction

Demonstrating that you care about staff health and wellbeing by investing in walking activities will make them feel valued and proud of their workplace.

Improve staff performance

Regular exercise causes an overall work performance boost of about 15%. 

Promote physical and mental health

Walking helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and depression. Being engaged in meaningful activities at work is an important part of good mental health.

Reduce absenteeism

Walking schemes can reduce the amount of sick days taken by staff, leading to lower absenteeism costs for the business.

Enhance corporate image

Increased walking rates can also help towards ISO 14001 and 2600 targets; reducing the need for cars is better for both the environment and the employees’ health.

Return on investment

A highly engaged workforce can improve operating income by 19.2%.


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