Walking is the most reliable, easy and healthy mode of travel, yet as a nation our walking rates are in decline.

One in five cars on the road in the morning rush hour is on the school run. Leaving the car at home, and choosing to walk all or part of your journey means less congestion, healthier children and of course less stress at the school gates. 

Living Streets' groundbreaking Walk once a Week scheme - or WoW - encourages 400,000 children to walk to school by rewarding them with collectible badges.

Participation in WoW has been shown to increase walking rates by up to 23% within the first five weeks, which equates to around 20,000 journeys. At just £1.43 per pupil WoW is a simple, cost effective way of getting children walking to school.

One in three primary school children leave school either overweight or obese


Walking to school brings benefits for public health, the economy, the environment and increases road safety. A recent study projected that for every £1 invested in walking to school there is £7.64 return in benefits to the wider community.

With more pupils walking to school, the amount of congestion around the school gate is reduced. Children enter the classroom feeling fresh, happy, alert and ready to learn.


WoW is a year-round incentive scheme which rewards children walking to school at least once a week with a collectible WoW badge.

The badges are designed by the children themselves on a different theme each year through our annual badge competition.

The theme of WoW 2016/17 is 'My neighbourhood', encouraging children to take an interest in their surrounding community and environment and tell us what they love about where they live. And of course, the perfect way to get to know your neighbourhood better is to walk around it.

WoW is supported by a range of classroom resources including our interactive Travel Tracker which uses whiteboard technology to record how pupils travel to school each day. 

Our WoW guide


You can purchase everything you need to run WoW in your school in our online shop. If you'd like to talk with a member of the team about how to implement WoW, or have questions about which products to order get in touch with Rebecca or Katie in our commercial team on 020 7377 4900 or by emailing orders@livingstreets.org.uk

Travel Tracker

Our web-based, interactive Travel Tracker tool really brings WoW to life.

Combined with our monthly badges, it forms a complete monitoring and rewards system fit for Strider's journey through nature!

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Travel Tracker is available by subscription. Contact Rebecca and Katie in our commercial team for more info - orders@livingstreets.org.uk or 020 7377 4911.

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