Living Streets Scotland has been working on a project across Scottish neighbourhoods, supporting communities and local authorities to introduce 20mph areas.


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20mph - more than signs

We’ve developed a toolkit to help those working on 20mph to think about how they introduce it, who they need to involve and the issues they need to consider.

Download our Low Speed Communities Toolkit - pdf

Review of practice

We looked at the current practice of introducing 20mph in Scotland, and what it tells us about the action needed to successfully implement a lower speed limit.

Download our Review of Current Practice - pdf


Read about what we learned from working with five Scottish communities to help them secure lower speed streets, including lessons for other areas and future projects.


Download our evaluation - pdf

The chances of a pedestrian dying as a result of being struck by a motor vehicle decreases hugely at slower speed.



1 in 5



1 in 40


Increasingly, communities across Scotland are concerned about the speed of traffic in their streets.

Communities like Dunbar in East Lothian have campaigned effectively for a 20mph limit in most of their town, with the local authority who worked with them to make this happen.



Our Lower Speed Communities project helps:


  • get more people supporting 20mph areas
  • highlight how local people can get involved in deciding which areas should be 20mph
  • advise how to work with car drivers to reduce their speed
  • work with schools on walk to school routes or walking buses
  • set up walking and cycling groups to take advantage of lower speed streets

Communities we worked in

Case studies

Areas which have successfully introduced 20mph and lessons learned from these projects.