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20-minute neighbourhoods are neighbourhoods where people can find most of their daily and weekly needs within a short walk of their home, and readily available public transport to reach the rest.

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Scottish Government has made this approach a priority in their proposed new National Planning Framework, and it is being put in place in different ways across the world.

Living Streets Scotland is working on a Scottish Government funded project in North Lanarkshire, Stirling and Dunblane to develop plans for how specific neighbourhoods could move towards becoming 20-minute neighbourhoods. 

We are looking at what people want, why they do and don’t do certain activities locally, and what would need to change.

One of the first things we're doing is finding out how people in these areas currently feel about their neighbourhood.

If you live in Airdrie, Stirling or Dunblane, we’d love it if you could fill in this survey. The questions are based on the Place Standard, so we can easily compare our work with other people’s work on neighbourhoods. It should take you about ten minutes to complete. Thank you!

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Living Streets Scotland Director, Stuart Hay, discusses 20-minute neighbourhoods at Scotland's Climate Assembly (watch here)

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