May was National Walking Month! Thousands of people pledged to #Try20 and walk at least 20 minutes every day. Check out our top walking tips and find out how the nation got on.



View all our #Try20 tips

Browse through all our #Try20 tips. And remember - walking's not just for May, and these tips have plenty of mileage.

View all our #Try20 tips

Photo of person walking in sunlight

Here's what happened

the burn

Figure of feet on fire

Burn calories and increase your metabolism


Figure of a heart

Improve heart health and blood pressure


A smile

A 20-minute walk can boost your mood


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Discover new things in your community

What some of our pledgers say

Our partner

We are delighted to announce that National Walking Month 2016 is supported by Westfield Health.

#Try20 on your lunch break by taking part in their fab Walking Lunch challenge.

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Posters and flyers

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