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County Sports Partnership Network are inviting workplaces to make every minute count in 2018 as part of the Active Workplace Challenge, an 8-week national activity logging challenge from 8th January to 4th March 2018. Lee Mason, Chief Executive Officer at County Sports Partnership Network explains how workplaces can get involved, the impacts of inactivity and how small steps like adding walking in and around the working day can make a big difference.

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Are you finding you don’t get time to exercise in a busy working week? Often stuck at the desk over lunch? Do you go long hours without even standing up? Our new campaign seeks to tackle inactivity amongst workplaces across England – and this is your chance to get involved.

Alarming statistics show the average Brit sits down for 8.9 hours every day and one in four of us do fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a week – contributing to around 131 million working days lost to sickness in England each year.

Now Workplace Challenge, which brings together 30 County Sports Partnerships from across England to support and promote physical activity in and around the workplace, is tackling the issue head on with the launch of its latest campaign designed to break down the culture of a desk-bound lunch. It is designed to help address the barriers we all face in fitting physical activity into busy work/ life schedules.

This is about tackling mental health, as well as physical health. Too many of us eat lunch at the desk, without stepping away from the work, but this can be both unhealthy and unproductive.

The 2018 Active Workplace Challenge runs over an eight-week period, starting January 8th – employers and employees can sign up to the campaign and track physical activity online, easily comparing activity levels to other participating individuals and organisations. 

The focus this year is on bitesize chunks of activity, encouraging workers to step away from their desks and out of the office during the lightest and brightest part of the day. The campaign has set a target for everyone to walk, jog, run or cycle one mile each day during the eight week period.

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This is about tackling mental health, as well as physical health. Too many of us eat lunch at the desk, without stepping away from the work, but this can be both unhealthy and unproductive.

Regular physical exercise can help to manage and prevent more than 20 chronic conditions and diseases, whilst NHS guidelines state that getting plenty of regular exercise, particularly outdoors and in daylight, can help to improve symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

We want employees, with the support of their employers, to take on the challenge and show us what they can achieve over the eight week period. It’s a fantastic opportunity to break the habit and introduce some quick and effective ways of exercising in and around your working day such as a ‘midday mile’ 20 minute walk with colleagues or why not build in a walk as part of your commute?

Find out how you and your workplace can get involved in the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge and make every minute count - visit challenge.

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