We are excited to announce the winners of our WOW badge design competition 2021!

This year's theme was WALK for THE WORLD.

We invited schools across the country to submit WOW badge designs that reflect habitats and species at risk of extinction because of climate change.  

This year we are awarding prizes to:

  • 9 winning badge designs
  • 9 runners-up designs
  • 5 prize draw winners

A huge thank you to everyone who participated - we received over 90K entries!

Entries were judged by experts from Design Council. Find out what they had to say about the entries and meet the panel here. 

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Our winners are...



Designed by:
 Emerson Valley School, milton keynes

“I have drawn an American Pika because if we don't do anything about global warming, then the American Pika will become extinct due to the heat and I don't want this to happen to any creature.”

Antelope badge

WOW badge

Designed by:
Daisy, 11
Smithy Bridge Primary, rochdale

“I chose to draw a hirola antelope, the world's most endangered species of antelope. The global population now numbering less than 500!”

butterfly badge

wow badge

Designed by:
janna, 7
St. Louis Catholic School, Bucks

"I drew a butterfly because they are my favourite type of animal. Also if we walk to school more, less cars will produce and release harmful gases into the air, meaning we can preserve other creatures. So let's start walking and save some beautiful animals.”

orangutan badge

wow badge

Designed by:
chloe, 6.
Muckhart Primary, Clackmannanshire

“I drew an orangutan because I am sad when they get killed.”

otter badge

wow badge

Designed by:
james, 11
Mossneuk Primary, east kilbride

“I chose to draw a otter because it is one of my favourite animals and it is in danger.”

Penguin badge

wow badge

Designed by:
cian, 11
St Mary's Catholic Federation, sutton

“I drew penguins because climate change is melting the ice caps and walking will help stop it.”

polar bear badge


Designed by:
MILO, 10

St Edward's CofE VA Primary School, Havering 

“Because of global warming, the ice caps are melting and it's endangering polar bears.”

sea turtle badge

wow badge

Designed by: Tabby, 10
Hurst Park Primary, surrey

“I chose to draw a sea turtle in an ocean. Because of plastic, the oceans are changing temperature and tides.”

toucan badge

WOW badge

Designed by:
AIshah, 7
Land of Learning Primary School, leicester

“I drew a toucan because it is colourful and bright and it would be a shame if it became extinct due to climate change.”

Our runners-up...



Designed by: Eesa, 8
Bridge Junior School, Leicester



Designed by: Lucas, 7
Goldington Green Academy, Bedfordshire



Designed by: Shanthosh, 10
Woodlands Primary School, Redbridge



Designed by: Alfie, 10
Thorndown Primary, Cambridgeshire 



Designed by Thomas, 7
 St mary's school, bucks


Designed by Emileen, 7

Holy Cross Catholic Primary, Birmingham

poison dart frog


Designed by: Isabelle, 10
St Mary's CE Reddish, Stockport 

polar bear


Designed by: Sarah, 11
Wallace Primary School, Renfrewshire 



Designed by: Casey, 10
Wyken Croft Primary School, Coventry 

Prize draw winning schools


1) Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy, Sutton

2) Sunnyfields Primary School, London

3) Robert Smillie Memorial Primary School, Larkhall

4) Hareclive Academy, Bristol

5) Priory Junior School, Nottingham

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