The most wonderful gift you could ever make to help create a walking nation won't cost you a penny in your lifetime. Help create streets fitter for walking with a gift in your Will to Living Streets.

People of all abilities should be able to walk freely, safely, breathe fresh air and socialise on our streets and public places. We hope this vision is one that you want for your children and grandchildren.

A gift in your will to Living Streets will help us recreate safe, vibrant streets and to reverse the long-term decline in walking. Let’s walk forward together. One step, one street and one community at a time.


Our promise to you

A mother and father crossing a road with a small child

"Put simply, walking needs a hero"


We have put together a booklet with all you need to know to leave a gift to Living Streets.

Download digital version

If you require the booklet in an alternative format please  contact or call 020 7377 4900.

Remember a Charity in your Will Week

9-15 September is Remember a Charity Week 2019

Remember a Charity Week

How your gift will help

We're so grateful to the people who have left us a donation in their will, no matter how large or small their gift. Their generosity helps us create streets fitter for walking – now and in the future. Here's how we spend our income.

Chart demonstrating the Living Streets spends 89% of its income on charitable activities

Our promise to you

Alex McHardy

We will ensure that there is always someone you can talk to about leaving us a legacy.

Alex McHardy is Living Streets' Head of Commercial Development. If you would like to talk about making a gift to Living Streets, or simply have questions, please drop Alex a line.

020 7377 4900

Frequently asked questions

How do I go about making a will or changing it?

We would always recommend getting advice from a solicitor on these matters. A good introductory overview is available from HM Government and from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

How does a gift in my Will affect my tax position?

Your estate assets may be subject to Inheritance Tax, and it may be advantageous to divide your estate so that your loved ones are left gifts below the tax threshold; meaning they will not have to pay Inheritance Tax. As charities are exempt from this tax, you could choose to divide the remainder between your chosen causes.

What types of legacies are there?

There are a number of different ways you can leave a walking legacy, depending on your circumstances. You can leave a share of your assets or estate (calculated as a percentage), which is known as a Residuary gift. If you've already made a Will, but want to add a residuary gift, we recommend getting advice from your solicitor on how to do this. You can leave a fixed sum of money, which is known as a Pecuniary gift. Finally, you can leave a specific item of value.