Imagine London as the world-leading walking city it ought to be.

People visiting, working and living in the city able to walk freely and safely and breathe fresh air. 

Our campaign is about rethinking our spaces, designing them around people not motor vehicles.

There's a lot going on in London - find out what and how you can get involved.

Walking Cities: Oxford Street

Ambitious plans put forward and consultation launched - say YES to a vehicle-free Oxford Street.

Artist's impression of a pedestrianised Oxford Street

Bank Junction

An experimental scheme us underway to make Bank Junction in the City safer. We are supportive - and there is a consultation open.

People crossing the road

Mayor's Transport Strategy

The Mayor's Transport Strategy is a big opportunity to put walking first. Find out what we are doing.

Mayor Sadiq Khan

The Mayor's Transport Strategy

Sadiq Khan

Photo by Katy Blackwood | CC BY

The Mayor of London's Transport Strategy is an ambitious step towards creating a world-class city for walking - 

A game changer: prioritising people walking and cycling, and reducing vehicle dominance.

To make ambitions a reality we have responded to the recent consultation with the following calls:

  • Bring forward a London-wide reallocation of road space from cars to people walking and cycling
  • Make 20 mph the default speed limit across London as a step towards delivering the Mayor’s Vision Zero ambitions
  • Direct the Metropolitan Police Service to enforce speed limits and pavement parking bans
  • Cancel the Silvertown tunnel and build no more new roads designed around motor vehicles
  • Pedestrianise Oxford Street and Parliament Square
  • Deliver comprehensive road pricing as soon as possible to reduce illegal air pollution and free us place for people walking

Read our consultation response in full

Download our response

Bank Junction - have your say

Have your say

Have you travelled through Bank junction recently?

The Corporation of the City of London have recently removed motor vehicles (apart from buses) from the junction during the working day to provide much needed safety benefits.

Bank junction has a high collision and casualty record so these changes are vital to make walking safer and more pleasant.

And now the City of London would like your views on the improvements.

Respond to the Bank On Safety survey

Need inspiration?

We have sent the City a response to its statutory consultation. Perhaps it will help you shape your responses to the survey.

Download 99kb PDF