how we are creating A walking nation,
One step at a time.


We want to create a walking nation where people of all generations enjoy the benefits that this simple act brings. And we want all our streets to be fit for walking.

Our work to bring walking back and local projects deliver real change to overcome barriers to walking and our ground breaking initiatives such as the Walk to School campaign encourage millions of people to walk.

Here you can see what we're doing across the nation and find out more about the ways we can get people walking.


Scotland Walking Summit 2018


Romantic Street Names


Why Oxfordshire County Councils runs WOW


Artistic Alloa school has the WOW factor


The story of a perfect match in Stoke!


Walk to School

We have a big ambition: every child that can, walks to school.

A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s less than half.

Find out about the ways Living Streets gets children walking more, the fab tools we provide for teachers and parents, and the research and campaigning work that all underpin our vision of a new walking generation.

Walk to School

Children crossing the road with their parents

Lower Speed Communities

Living Streets Scotland's new 20mph project.

Walking Communities Scotland

Living Streets Scotland is pleased to offer an opportunity for people from community groups, local authorities, and partners …

Free Your Feet

Our five-day secondary school challenge encourages students to walk to school - with a £50 prize up fro grabs.

As a nation we are walking a third less today than we did 20 years ago. Within a couple of generations we’ve effectively engineered walking out of our lives.

find out more about where living streets stands.


Walking and cycling

We want to see more cycling as well as walking. Both are green, clean and healthy ways of getting around.

Shared Spaces

Shared spaces have the potential to make our streets safer and more enjoyable to be in.

Walk to school

Walking to school is good for children’s health and the environment.