We want happy, healthy children to be walking on a happy, healthy planet!

All of our WOW badges are made from repurposed plastic material, including old fridge trays, plastic plates and even yoghurt pot off-cuts that were otherwise destined for landfill. They are produced locally in Cornwall, reducing our carbon footprint, and are made from high impact polystyrene (HIP), which is recycled in some areas, minimising waste. The badges also arrive to schools in environmentally-friendly, biodegradable packaging.


Committed to reduce waste

Protecting the environment is incredibly important to us at Living Streets, it’s part of the reason we run WOW.

We've already turned 80,000 unused WOW badges into brilliant brand new rulers for classrooms. Each ruler has been made from 20 recycled WOW badges. 

Let the cycle continue by purchasing our fantastic new rulers, once badges and once before yogurt-pots.


badges to rulers



Recycle your unused WOW badges

We are delighted to confirm that any unused or unwanted badges can be recycled again. If your local facilities can recycle type 6 plastic, then simply pop off the safety pin and leave them with the rest of your recyclable household waste - either in council bins or recycling depots.  We recommend all pins are removed by an adult.

Not only are we proud to have found a brilliant use for landfill material, we have also been working hard to cut back on the amount of paper-based resources that we offer schools. Thanks to the launch of our online WOW Travel Tracker in 2012, we have produced almost 100,000 fewer paper units. Oh, and the ones that we still produce are made using vegetable-based inks and are 100% recyclable.

In fact, even the packaging that carries our products to our warehouse is made from 70% recycled material and is 100% recyclable, going on to get re-recycled yet again.

Reducing unwanted badges

We actively encourage schools and local authorities to order the correct amount of badges for their pupils to avoid waste and we tailor what we send out to suit each school’s needs and requirements.


Looking ahead

What does the future hold? The Living Streets Green Team is investigating ways in which we can help schools, parents and pupils to recycle their badges in one fell swoop! Watch this space.