Creating a Walking Nation

In creating a walking nation we work with partners and organisations across the UK. Everyone we work with is helping us to make walking the natural choice, which in turn will reduce carbon emissions, improve health, reduce congestion, reconnect people with their local communities and support sustainable local economies.

And of course, working with us helps you to achieve your goals, whether you're looking to increase your commitment to social responsibility, increase productivity in your workplace or develop stronger links between schools and workplaces in your community.


School children walking past WoW banner

Local authorities

Our work with local authorities extends across transport, regeneration, community engagement and town centre planning and management. We run WOW, our year-round walk to school challenge, in over 60 local authority areas and can implement wider support schemes for school travel such as Park and Stride and school route audits. We can provide embedded support staff dedicated to delivering your active and sustainable travel objectives and can help you achieve your targets for modal shift by assessing routes to public transport links and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians.

Employees taking a lunchtime walk

Corporate partners

Encouraging employees to have more active lifestyles will help improve their health and wellbeing. It'll also reduce stress and increase motivation resulting in a happy, healthy and more productive workforce.

In addition to the wellbeing of employees, more businesses are seeking ways to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, the environment and the local communities in which they operate. We can help there too.

We will work with you to create bespoke travel plans for your organisation, giving consideration to the local context and set ambitious yet feasible targets for modal shift and a reduction in single person car use.

We can also implement a programme of behaviour change activities to promote the benefits of sustainable and active travel.

Not to mention the potential profile raising and PR benefits of positive association with a charity that promotes sustainable travel and healthy lifestyles.

We will work directly with you to ensure our partnership achieves your strategic objectives. Together, we can create a walking nation.

Living Streets mascot Strider on the walk to school


WOW, our year-round walk to school challenge, encourages more than 400,000 children across the UK to walk to school at least one day each week. This hugely successful initiative is just one part of our wider engagement with schools and also of our national walk to school campaign, which also includes Walk to School Week and our new one day event Happy Shoesday. As well as these behaviour change programmes, we conduct school route audits and can work with you to promote change to the streets surrounding your school creating safer, quieter and more pleasant routes for children to walk. Our Park and Stride schemes create opportunity for those living further away from the school to walk part of their journey and keep the school gates from becoming congested. And who knows, if you're working with us you might just get a visit from our loveable mascot Strider too.