WOW our year-round walk to school challenge

Our web-based, interactive WOW Travel Tracker really brings the year-round walk to school challenge to life.

Gain valuable insights into travel habits. The WOW Travel Tracker is used by schools participating in WOW, the year-round walk to school challenge, to record daily pupil journeys and earn their monthly WOW badges.

Each class is provided with an engaging dashboard to see which classes are leading the way in active travel. Pupils log daily journeys to school on the system. The WOW Travel Tracker also confirms which pupils have walked enough to earn a badge each month and these key statistics can be used to earn your school a Modeshift STARS award. 

How it works

By recording all modes of travel, the WOW Travel Tracker is a comprehensive method of gaining valuable insights into school travel habits at schools, local authorities or academy trust level. 

The system can be used on classroom interactive whiteboards, PCs and iPads for pupils and teachers to input their journeys each day.

The WOW Travel Tracker uses icons instead of pupil's names, but classrooms have the option to display name tags should they wish to. At the end of the month pupils who have walked (cycling, scooting and Park and Stride count too) to school at least once per week for a whole month can receive their WOW badge. 

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