Get active and walk more with us at 50+!

Getting active keeps us healthy and walking is easy and free.

At Living Streets Cymru we want to make walking the natural choice for everyone in Wales.

Many older adults in Wales are physically inactive, or at risk of becoming so, which increases social isolation, reduces independence and diminishes physical health and fitness.

We’re working with Healthy Active Fund (HAF) on Walking Friends Wales (Cyfeillion Cerdded Cymru), our project to help people over 50 in south Wales increase their walking activity. The project helps older people start walking in their communities, make new connections and voice the need for changes to their local walking environment.


Because of the pandemic, many older people have been unable to leave the house. This might have left you feeling restless and isolated, especially if you live on your own. 

Walking Friends Wales can introduce you to other people living in your area and get you walking at your own pace, and experience the benefits associated with regular movement and exercise.

We are currently running weekly local walks with small groups, so if you take part, you will join one of these groups. You will also help identify and report any changes that are needed in your area, like a new pedestrian crossing that will help you get around more safely.  Activities are currently running in Cardiff and Newport.

Getting involved with Walking Friends Wales is easy. You can refer yourself, a friend, relative or client by using our simple online form. Alternatively, contact our Walking Friends Wales Project Coordinator Ilona Carati by emailing or calling 07566 777410.

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