Living Streets’ annual fundraising event is back

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Children and grown-ups wear the shoes that make them happiest, helping us create safer, more walkable streets for all.


Happy Shoes

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Happy Shoesday is taking place on Tuesday, 21 May 2019.

Sign your school up today and help raise funds for Living Streets. Working to make streets safer for all since 1929.

Taking part has never been easier and more fun. Encourage your pupils to wear their happy shoes and walk to school on the day, collect a suggested donation of £1 towards our charitable work to create safer streets for all.

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Happy Shoesday

How it works


1. Sign up to Happy Shoesday.

2. We will then send you regular updates on how to get your school ready for the event.

3. In April your school will receive a free fundraising box containing everything you need.

4. On Happy Shoesday, children, parents and children wear their happy shoes and donate a suggested £1 per pupil to a great cause.

5. Shout about your participation on social media using: #Happyshoesday#roadsafety@livingstreets.

6. After the event, don’t forget to send in your donations to Living Streets. Full details will be available in your fundraising box.

Not able to run Happy Shoesday on Tuesday 21 May 2019? No problem! This year we are offering your school the option of two dates to choose from:

  • Tuesday, 21 May
  • Tuesday, 1 October

Also, all resources provided are undated so you can pick a day that best suits your school.


Register for Happy Shoesday


Why is fundraising for road safety so urgent?

More than a third of parents’ biggest concern is overcrowding at the school gates. The latest road casualty statistics show that 37% of children killed on our roads are during school run hours. This is heart-breaking and needs to change.

We need to create safer school walking routes with measures which protect children, such as lower speed limits and better crossings. By enabling and encouraging more families to walk to school, we can reduce the number of cars on our roads and improve safety for everyone.

By fundraising for Happy Shoesday, you help us make streets safer for all and bring back a walking culture. The more we walk, the more our communities become friendlier, safer and nicer places to live.

thank you

Your participation, support and donations are invaluable to us! We want to shout a massive thank you to all the schools who took part in 2018, helping us raise over £25K for our charitable work to create safer streets.



How Happy Shoesday fundraising helps


Along with encouraging millions of children to walk to school we also help schools and local councils improve infrastructure through our school route audits.

Here we give you just a few examples of how your donations could really help Living Streets.

Where your Shoesday donations go

Highlights from Happy Shoesday 2018

#HappyShoesday from South Wales 🕶

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Fundraising for Living Streets

If you are fundraising for Living Streets, Happy Shoesday, please make sure you fundraise legally – and take a moment to read the following guidelines and information before you start.

Fundraising guidelines

Fundraising Regulator

You are my grubby soul
With me for my morning stroll
Wherever the journey goes
You are the home for my toes

You are the guardian of my feet
As I meander down the street
Where my head may look
You are the ones that keep me grounded

Whether a battered old talking shoe
Or something blue suede and new
To you, I'll always be true
I wouldn't get far without you

Ode to the Shoes, Archie Burden

For some lucky people every day is a shoesday...

Footwear Designer

Here's how every day is a Happy Shoesday for Hannah, a Footwear Designer.

Hannah Martinez

Theatre Shoemaker

Jessica is a shoe designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Jessica Smith, RSC

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Here's how every day is a Happy Shoesday for Derek, a shoe carer.