Walking people at your service

At Living Streets, we're experts in all things walking. We have a suite of services across four key areas, ranging from specific technical assessments and interventions to broader, holistic methods of community engagement.

Think of us as the friendly experts in your area who are looking forward to helping you work on developing an easy, value for money walking project.


1. Community engagement

Our community engagement services can help you work with local people to generate ideas or gather feedback for street schemes.

Community Street Audits
Our unique community street audits evaluate our streets from the perspective of the people who use them. The resulting report offers practical recommendations for improvements that encourage walking.

Travel planning
Walking is an essential part of every travel plan, whether it’s
for a school, workplace or station. Use our expertise to help
set and reach the right goals.

Celebrating our streets
Events that redirect local people back to their streets can demonstrate the great potential of pedestrian-friendly spaces. We bring people together and maximise the benefit of public realm improvements for communities.


Living Streets staff leading a community street audit

Walking is a simple answer to some of our biggest challenges: health issues, social isolation, pollution and congestion.

2. Training and route planning

We provide people with valuable skils to enable them to put walking at the heart of their workplace and community.

Walk leader training
We offer a simple package (starting with a demonstration walk) that covers everything a potential community walk leader needs to know, including route planning, organisation and risk management.

Training and support for older and disabled people and their carers
Walking helps people connect with their local community. We work with older and disabled people and their carers, helping them build more walking into their daily lives. We can also offer guidance on where to find further support.

Route planning and bespoke maps
Whether you want to encourage walking to a specific
location or across an entire community, we can tap
into local knowledge to create custom-made walking
maps that give people the know-how and confidence
to walk more.

Living Streets staff training community member

Progress starts here: one street, one school, one step at a time

3. Made-to-measure technical support

We offer a variety of technical services to help you make existing infrastructure and any new plans fit for walking. This can range from individual schemes to support for Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans.

Pedestrian proofing
We appraise the impact on pedestrians when changing existing environments or building new developments. Our expert review service offers a critical friend.

Pedestrian attitude surveys
Generate on-street data that can provide key insights into perceptions of an area.

Pedestrian behaviour analysis
A detailed analysis of popular routes compliance. We can help and produce the maps, graphs and graphics you need to easily understand pedestrian behaviour.

Pedestrian counts - the numbers game
Using mounted automatic radio beam counters, we can provide you with quantitative studies of any given route.

Pedestrian environment review system (PERS)
Developed by the Transport Research Laboratory, a PERS audit is a technical assessment of any given walking infrastructure and how it’s used.

Group of older people on led walk with Living Streets staff

Walking = happier, more productive workforce

4. Encouraging behaviour change

With more than 20 years’ experience of getting people walking, we know what works. We have practical tools to encourage your community to walk more and enjoy the benefits of this simple act.

Healthy, walking workforce
Our walking experts use a range of initiatives to motivate
people to walk more, including walking challenges and walking pledges. Our Walk Doctors offer personalised travel advice through brief one-to-one consultations with your customers, staff or community members to increase walking in their daily lives.

Happier, healthier children
Our Walk to School campaign has been encouraging young
people and their families to walk for 20 years, helping build healthy habits for life and reducing congestion at school gates. WOW, our year-round walk to school challenge, has seen walking rates rise by 23% and a fall in car use of 30%.


Strider walking to school with Living Street coordinator and children

Getting in touch is the first step

We’d love to discuss your project, however big or small. Once we understand your needs, we can talk through the services we think you’d most benefit from. Together we can make a real, lasting difference to our children, our local environment and our wider community.

Contact Sally Fixter in our Development Team.


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