Our mission is to create a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more.

Every street and neighbourhood should be made with people in mind.

For people make places.

Everyone should be able to walk on safe and attractive streets. In a world with COVID 19, space is even more valuable for movement around our neighbourhoods, and streets are transforming as a result. It’s never been more important to protect and promote walking routes. 

A better walking environment is good for our physical and mental health. It helps to create places with cleaner air and lower carbon emissions, and makes economic sense too.

Our policy experts produce a range of materials to support improving the walking environment. Our Pedestrian Pound report highlights best practice and evidence on how to make High Streets more attractive to people on foot and why this is integral to their success. Our Blueprint for Change sets out our vision for how towns and cities can be better for walking. 

Pedestrian Pound

Our Blueprint for Change

Our 90 year history as the voice for pedestrians has made us experts on liveable neighbourhoods. We have a range of services – both advisory and consultative which help make places for people. 

We translate our expertise in walking environments and our experience engaging with communities into recommendations and actions that help create better places for walking for people from all walks of life. 



In the age of COVID19 and physical distancing, and with unprecedented levels of walking across the UK, its more important than ever to support people to make healthier choices and walk their everyday journeys where possible.  

All our streets should be fit for walking – which means creating sufficient space for safe walking, putting in place adequate crossing facilities, and creating low traffic neighbourhoods and school streets. Local authorities have a key role to play in making this happen – and we have been at the vanguard of change for decades. 

Turning temporary infrastructure for walking and cycling into permanent, future-proof infrastructure is a priority.  

Our offer includes expert street reviews, analysis and advice on redesigning pedestrian infrastructure; auditing proposals from the perspective of vulnerable road users; collection of practical data to inform and evaluate schemes; and advice on the introduction of low traffic neighbourhoods.

Group of older people on led walk with Living Streets staff

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods 

Working with communities to implement low traffic neighbourhoods to make them cleaner, greener, more pleasant places to live, work and play is a key element of our offer. We have produced two key resources to help policy makers implement them:  

A Guide to LTNs

Intro for Policy Makers


Our work on Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIP) has resulted in positive changes across areas of the UK. Clear signage, wider pavements and accessible walking journeys are key to our advisory approach, which has been informed from years of working with all street users.  

Community Engagement

We are experts in community engagement. We work with schools, workplaces, and residents to better understand the needs of local streets users and, from this feedback, we advise those who manage streets on how to overcome the physical and emotional barriers to walking. 

We are experts in consulting with people in innovative ways on changes being made to their local neighbourhoods or high streets, and we help to monitor and evaluate changes to the environment. As Local Authorities introduce temporary infrastructure, to support physical distancing, we can support community engagement to make the case for permanent adoption of such infrastructure.  

Our work with members of the community is invaluable to instilling positive change for the long-term. We help with direct face to face community engagement; production of relevant materials; communications and campaign support; and much, much more. From more crossings outside of schools, 20mph speed limits, and benches installed in rural communities – we have a history of success in producing the infrastructure the community really needs.  

Street Audit in action

Redbridge Community Case Study

Living Streets staff leading a community street audit

School Streets

Opening streets to people, rather than traffic, is key to ensuring families are safe on the school run at this time. With more space to walk, and reduced congestion and pollution outside the school gates – the journey to school will be safer for everyone. Our experts can help you implement infrastructure changes around schools, including School Streets safely, with the whole community behind you. 

We've worked with schools and their communities for over 20 years and work with over 2,000 primary and 50 secondary schools today. Our approach to School Streets involves community engagement and practical solutions to make School Streets a reality. Implemented with our behaviour -change walk to school challenge, WOWit has had great results from increased walking rates, through to reduced all-the-way car journeys.  

School Streets in action

School Streets Leaflet

Living Streets staff training community member

Progress starts here: one street, one school, one step at a time

Encouraging behaviour change

With more than 20 years’ experience of getting people walking, we know what works. We have practical tools to encourage your community to walk more and enjoy the benefits of this simple act.

Healthy, walking workforce
Our walking experts use a range of initiatives to motivate
people to walk more, including walking challenges and walking pledges. Our Walking Works programme offers personalised travel advice through one-to-one consultations with your community, offers bespoke maps and pitches challenges to increase walking in daily life.

Happier, healthier children
Our Walk to School campaign has been encouraging young
people and their families to walk for 20 years, helping build healthy habits for life and reducing congestion at school gates. WOW, our year-round walk to school challenge, has seen walking rates rise by 23% and a fall in car use of 30%.


More about WOW

More about Walking Works

Strider walking to school with Living Street coordinator and children


We’d love to discuss your project, however big or small. Once we understand your needs, we can talk through the services we think you’d most benefit from. Together we can make a real, lasting difference to our children, our local environment and our wider community.

Contact Sally Fixter in our Development Team.


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