We're all different

And that’s why we work with everyone in a slightly different way.

We have a suite of projects and services that can be tailored to help you deliver your objectives, from behaviour change and community engagement, to health and air quality. 

We can work with you in a variety of ways...

  • commission us
  • work with us as a partner
  • sponsor a project.  

Our team of experts is ready to advise and work with you. 

The health benefits of increased walking and cycling could save the NHS about £17billion over the next 20 years

Department for Transport (2014). Claiming the Health Dividend

What we can do for you

The best way to find out how we can work with you is to get in touch, but to give you an idea of all the services we offer, take a look at our overview.

advice and consultancy

We provide expert advice to public and private organisations, and community groups to help shape great neighbourhoods and influence the travel behaviour of those who live, work and play in them.

audits and reports

We offer in-depth street and area audits outlining recommendations for space improvement through to specialist reviews focusing on a specific need.


Long-term support and embedded staff

The best results come from long-term commitment. We can provide embedded staff members to work with you on designing and implementing your walking strategy.

Behaviour change initiatives

Our wide range of initiatives for motivating and inspiring people from all generations to walk more can be tailored to schools, organisations and broader communities. 


Our partners and clients range from public sector bodies to global businesses.

We're always happy to talk through what your needs are, explain any of our products and services in more detail and outline options for how we could work with you. 

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Each additional young person walking to school is worth an estimated £768.70 in congestion savings

DH: Soft measures, Hard facts

Our work in action

Walking Friends in Wythall, West Mids

Our project with Phoenix Group volunteers employees helps tackle isolation amongst local over-65s.

Older ladies smiling

Getting Durham Council mobile

As a council moves offices, we are helping staff explore alternative modes of getting to the new workplace

Sunnyside Primary has the WOW factor

Alloa pupils impress judges in a creative competition, as all Clackmannanshire schools start WOW.