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Living Streets Response To Wales 20Mph Consultation | Consultation responses


Living Streets Advancing Our Health Prevention In The 2020s Response | 2019 | 2019

Living Streets' response to Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s


Living Streets' Law Commission CAV response | 2019

Living Streets response to the Law Commission Consultation: Automated Vehicles, February 2019.


City of London Transport Strategy response | 2019

Living Streets' response to the City of London Transport Strategy consultation, January 2019.


Greater Manchester Spatial Framework response | 2019

Living Streets' response to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, March 2019.


Labour Party A New Social Contract For Transport response | 2019 | 2019

Living Streets' response to the Labour Party's "A new Social Contract for Transport"


The Future Of Transport Regulatory Review | 2019

The Future of Transport Regulatory Review highlights some of the important shifts that are occurring in the way we travel. Micromobility vehicles (MMVs) have the potential to ease congestion in our cities but will not necessarily make the way we travel greener. More worrying are the safety risks to e-scooter riders and other road users, especially pedestrians.


HOC Transport Select Committee Call For Evidence Into E Scooters | 2019

Living Streets welcomes this opportunity to respond the Transport Committee’s inquiry into e-scooters.


EIS Committee - Active Travel Act | 2018

Living Streets assessment of the implementation and operation to date of the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013, February 2018.


National Planning Policy Framework response | 2018

Living Streets' response to consultation on the draft revised National Planning Policy Framework.