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Submission to the Senedd’s Health and Social Care Committee on its priorities for the new Senedd term | 2021

Physical inactivity as a result of sedentary lifestyles is responsible for one in six deaths in the UK (which is on par with smoking) and is linked to over 20 chronic conditions and diseases. Yet, the average UK adult spends around nine hours a day sitting . If a person is inactive, walking is a good way to start becoming active. Walking for transport or leisure is not only healthy, but accessible, sociable, free, non-polluting and easily integrated into daily life. Our transport infrastructure impacts on our ability to choose walking, it is imperative that Welsh Government policy supports places to live, work and spend time that offer wellbeing, health and environmental benefit now and for future generations.


Submission to the Senedd’s Climate Change Committee on its priorities for the new Senedd term | 2021

The portfolio of the Minister and Deputy Minister for Climate Change reflects a bold and encouraging approach to addressing the climate emergency. It is a wide remit from which we would expect to see a coherent, cross-cutting policy direction. The action that is now needed to halt and reverse the damage to our environment, our health and the wellbeing of communities and biodiverse habitats worldwide should not be underestimated. The recent sixth report of the IPCC sets this out in no uncertain terms and swift action is necessary.


Submission to the Welsh Government’s consultation on proposals to introduce a 20mph default speed limit on residential roads in Wales | 2021

The clear message from our members is that there is a need for a reduction in speed limits to 20mph in the roads where people live and work. The issues raised under Question 2 are all valid concerns that we hear about on a regular basis right across Wales and were evident in the feedback we received from our Members and Supporters which is summarised later in this document.


Response To Reviewing Personal Safety Measures On Streets In England Call For Evidence | 2021

This document sets out our responses to questions contained in the UK Government call for evidence which closed in September 2021. Since we didn't respond to all questions, only those we answered are contained here.


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