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Pavement Parking Wales Report - Welsh | Policy

A step towards a pavement parking ban in Wales - Welsh version


Is Walking A Miracle Cure? | Policy

Physical inactivity is a public health crisis. Human beings are designed to be active, but the average UK adult spends around nine hours a day sitting. The good news is that any physical activity is better than none and walking is the easiest way to get started. Walking is so good for us it has been called a miracle cure.


Is Walking A Miracle Cure Summary | Policy

2 page report summary


Lsstrategy 20 25 | Policy


How to campaign for a new crossing | Campaigning materials

A guide on what to do and who to ask for help if you think you need a new crossing in your area, and how to get the Council to do a survey of the proposed site.


Need a new crossing? | Campaigning materials

A list of things to consider if you think you need a new crossing outside your school, on your road or near your local shops.


Is your crossing up to scratch? | Campaigning materials

A handy checklist to help you assess any signalised crossing in your area.


Make your community fitter for walking | Campaigning materials

Some guidelines to help you deliver your assessment and build a case for improvements.


Feel good reasons to walk brochure | Campaigning materials

An overview of our work, some general walking tips and how to get involved in our initiatives.


Take a little walk, make a big difference brochure | Campaigning materials

Six easy actions to get more walking into your day.