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Air Quality Consultation briefing paper (2019) | Policy

Your local authority may soon – or already – be asking for feedback on its plans to tackle air pollution. It's a crucial opportunity to demand really effective measures, and to promote walking as the natural choice for short journeys. This guide will help you respond with confidence to air quality consultations in your area. It outlines Living Streets’ position on the main issues and provides text that you can use in your own responses.


Moving the nation - report from UK’s leading walking and cycling organisations (June 2018) | Policy

A report from the alliance of the UK’s leading walking and cycling organisations on their shared vision and priority actions.


Swap the School Run for a School Walk (2018) | Policy

Report highlighting the benefits of more children walking to school, and associated policy recommendations for the UK government to achieve its target for 55% of primary school children in England walking to school by 2025.


The Pedestrian Pound (2018) | Policy

An updated version of the original 2013 report, outlining the business case for better streets and places. Including 20 new and updated case studies showing what works, citing examples of best practice from across the UK.