What we say

Everybody should be able to cross the road safely, directly and without delay.

Crossings should be positioned in the right place and give everyone enough time to cross the road.

What we want

We want more ‘clearance’ time to cross the road. Timings on signalised crossings should be adjusted to reflect how quickly or slowly people walk. The Green Man lighting up is your invitation to cross the road. When the Green Man starts flashing, that’s the clearance time. Currently, the time the Green Man spends flashing is based on the assumption that people walk 1.2 metres per second – this was calculated in the 1950s and hasn’t changed since.

However, a 2012 study showed that 76% of men and 85% of women over 65 walk more slowly. The team found that team found that the average walking speed was 0.9 m/s for men and 0.8 m/s for women. We know that young children also take longer to cross the road. With our supporters we campaigned to make safer crossings a reality.

Did you know?

1.2 metres per second

The speed crossing times assume we cross at (set in the 1950s)



Men over 65 who walk more slowly



Women over 65 who walk more slowly

0.8 metres per second

The actual speed many older people walk at - and some young children move even more slowly


Need a new crossing?

If you think you need a new crossing outside your school, on your road or near your local shops, list of things to consider.

Every road and each community is different, and the needs of local people should be taken into account. Each site must be assessed and the local context taken into account.

Host a meeting

Campaign for a new crossing

Here's a handy guide on what to do and who to ask for help if you think you need a new crossing in your area. As a campaigner your role is to establish a clear need for the crossing with the backing of the local community with the aim of getting the Council to do a survey of the proposed site.

Run a crossings campaign

Check if your local crossing is up to scratch

Everyone should be able to cross the road safely, directly, and without delay. But does your local crossing make the grade? This handy checklist will help you assess any signalized crossing. 

Do a crossings audit

Read about our London Living Streets Group and their Groundbreaking Crossings Campaign and how they worked with TfL to reduce waiting times at crossings to improve the safety and accessibility of crossings for everyone.

We work with organisations, public sector bodies and companies to improve streets for walking. 

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