Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee has announced (7 March 2019) its endorsement of the general principles of the Transport (Scotland) Bill, including changes to pavement parking restrictions. 

The committee’s support of the bill’s general principles means it can now pass to stage 2 where amendments can be made. 

Under current legislation, pavement parking is not a specific offence but the bill contains provisions to prohibit it. The bill currently includes an exemption which allows business vehicles to park on the pavement "for no more than a continuous period of 20 minutes”, which the Committee has called to be removed.  

Pavement Parking

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland comments:  

Pavement parking is inconvenient for everyone but it’s particularly dangerous for those with wheelchairs, parents with pushchairs and older people, forcing them onto the road and into incoming traffic. The support of the bill is another welcome milestone in the battle to protect people on our streets.  

“Allowing delivery vehicles to block pavements for 20 minutes was open to abuse and would have undermined the core principles of the bill, so we are happy to see the committee call for the removal of this exemption for deliveries from the Bill. Better street management is needed to create provision for deliveries, not a licence to temporarily put people’s safety into question.  

We urge MSPs to now ensure the bill is not watered down, and that practical plans and resources are put in place to secure pavements for people.” 

Stage 1 report on the Transport (Scotland) Bill