Moray Council trialled a School Street closure at New Elgin Primary School to address traffic problems.

The street outside the school was closed to vehicles at the start and end of the school day on 6 September so that pupils could walk, scoot or cycle safely to school. School Streets have been successfully piloted in Edinburgh and across the UK as a way to reduce congestion, road danger and air pollution.

New Elgin Primary School takes part in WOW – the year-round walk to school challenge from Living Streets Scotland.


WOW rewards children who walk to school at least once a week collectable badges each month, designed by pupils in a UK-wide competition. September’s badge was designed by Skye from New Elgin Primary School.

This year’s theme was ‘Inventions that changed the world’ and Skye chose to create a colourful cog design because ‘cogs help machinery to work slicker and quicker’. Skye’s design has now been turned into one of the monthly badges and will be awarded to pupils in over 2,000 schools across the UK who travel actively to school during September. 

The School Street event provided an opportunity to celebrate Skye’s success.

Walking to school is a positive action parents can take to help clean up our air and improve road safety. We know this isn’t an easy option for all families but School Streets can make the walk to school safer, easier and more attractive for everyone. “WOW is a great way to help keep children healthy and happy by encouraging them to be active every day. Children love taking part in WOW and collecting the recyclable badges. Skye should be very proud to have pupils across Scotland, England and Wales taking strides to get their hands on her design.

Project Coordinator Scotland, Chris Thompson