Living Streets Scotland welcomes progress towards how the prohibition of parking on footways will be delivered, but we have concerns about worrying loopholes in regulations for local authorities.

Director of Living Streets Scotland, Stuart Hay, said:

“This is an important step forward in seeing laws on pavement parking actually reach communities and streets, where inconsiderate parking is an issue. Generally, the ban is going to apply right across Scotland, aside from minor local exemptions set out in these regulations. This means local authorities can soon start working on making the ban a reality by 2023.

“However, we do have significant concerns about guidance allowing local authorities to allow pavement parking where access for emergency vehicles is deemed an issue. Fire engines shouldn’t become a trojan horse which allows pavement parking to continue on narrow streets. The sensible response is to ban parking on one, or both sides of the street if necessary, to make sure that fire engines can get through. As it stands, we fear some local authorities will exempt vast swathes of their streets to duck implementing the ban properly.”

“It’s important these regulations are now finalised so the ban, which was passed into law into in 2019, is in place by 2023. It’s been a long wait for older, disabled people, children and parents who continue to be denied access to safe pavements in their communities.”

Man pushing buggy with child into road to avoid a car parked on pavement