Schools in Clackmannanshire have been celebrating national Walk to School Week (20-24 May 2019) with a series of organised walks to school for pupils and their families, culminating in a healthy breakfast when they arrive.

Walk to School Week is run by Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking as a chance to celebrate all the benefits that come from moving more.

Families from Muckhart Primary School and Alva Primary School were joined on the walks by Strider, Living Streets’ famous mascot. Both schools currently take part in WOW – the year-round walk to school challenge from Living Streets.

WOW rewards children who walk to school at least once a week with collectable badges and has been shown to increase walking rates by 23 per cent on average, with a corresponding drop in cars around the school gates.

High fiving Strider

Staff and children at Muckhart Primary School and Alva Primary School have been working hard to get active on the school run, helping them to stay healthy and reduce congestion outside the school gates.

The special celebration for Walk to School Week aims to encourage families who don’t usually walk to school to give it a go and see the benefits they experience.

Allison Littlejohns, Headteacher, Alva Primary School, said:

“We are committed to promoting active travel at Alva Primary and have arranged the walks as part of Living Streets’ Walk to School Week campaign.

“Alva will be benefiting from improved pedestrian facilities in the area soon, which will include improved routes to school to help make walking and cycling easier.

“We are supporting these improvements by encouraging healthy and safe ways to travel to and from school. We want to encourage parents to leave their cars at home or consider Park and Stride, and walk with pupils to and from school regularly.” 

Rebecca Simpson, Project Manager, Living Streets Scotland said:

“This May we want to get the whole of Scotland taking to their feet and celebrating the benefits of moving more. These schools are a fantastic example of what can be achieved from small steps.”

Strider high fives
Pupils crossing
Clacks pupils