90 years of putting feet first

Our Founder, Tom Foley, is remembered by his granddaughter, Catherine: ‘’I am very proud of my grandfather and…

Tom Foley outside the house of commons


What the Budget means for walking

Zak Bond argues the Chancellor has failed to show a long-term vision for walking


To Balfour and back

One mum describes the game she and her children would play as they walked to and from school.


Budget 2018 - our thoughts

Joe Irvin argues the Chancellor should commit to proper funding for walking and cycling in the budget


Highway Code review

Our Chief Executive, Joe Irvin, on the government's announcement of a review of the Highway Code


Older People's Day

To mark Older People's Day, our Kathryn Shaw discusses the steps we're taking to help older people move more.


Chalk The Walk

Some tips on how you can #ChalkTheWalk this International Walk to School Month


Access All Public Areas

Our local engagement coordinator Aisha on the how Car Free Day lets us imagine what is possible when our stree…


Pavement parking and potholes

Pavement parking should be addressed to reduce the potholes putting people off walking.